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Farming at Sandhill

Most of our property is grassland and woods (about 60 acres of each), with the remainder for buildings, gardens, orchards, chickenyard, cropland and ponds.

We are on a gravel road about a mile from the blacktop with a couple of neighbors bordering our lands. Four residences provide both private living spaces and common spaces for work and recreation.

We also have two barns used for lumber and tractor storage,various storage sheds, and a sorghum press.

Sandhill Farm is organically certified by OneCertMO and is a member of Missouri Organic Association. We also participate in agricultural research including small scale organics and permaculture. For a report on our Small Scale Conservation Tillage project, click here.

Sandhill has maintainted bee hives since1975 both for honey production and for the pleasure of interacting with such a critical pollinator in our environment. To read about our joys and tribulations as beekeepers,

click here.
Last modified: March 2010
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